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FOOTBALL. Sixth   Match .— 8th,  10th,  and  11th  Oct.  — This year is,  we believe,  the  first time for  many  years  that no  goal  has  been  kicked  by  either  side.   Although  the  school  were  throughout  considerably  the  stronger,  and  obtained several tries at goal, yet they could  not follow up their advantage by  kicking the  goals.    Some  of  the  tries  certainly   were  very  hard,  but  others   were  comparatively  easy,  and  we  can only  account for  the la -k  of good  “  places ”   by  the fact  that all were  out  of  practice.   The  day  was  everything  that could be desired, and  “ Old Rugs”   mus­ tered  in  good  force,  20  appearing  for  the  Sixth  and  11  for  the  School.   The  Sixth,  according  to  custom, took  the island  goal,  and the head of the  School kicked off.   But  they  did not  long  maintain  the  advantage  obtained by the kick off, for soon,  by a good  run  of Unna’s, the ball was brought to with­ in   20 yards  o f the  island  goal,  soon  after  .which  the  School  touched  it down in  goal.  P.  0 .  Westfeldt  made the  try, but  was un­ successful.   G.  R. Westfeld  (o. R.) then took  it out for the  Sixth,  but the  Sixth  were soon  driven  back,  and compelled  to touch  it down THE METEOR. 89 , again.   A.  A.  Bourne  (o.  R.)  took  it  out,  but,  as  before,  the  Sixth  were  driven  back,  and  the  ball  was   touched   down  by  the  School.   Unna tried to  punt it  out, but un­ successfully,  and  the ball was touched down  in goal.    F.  Haslam  (o.R.)  then took it out  on the Barby  side,  and  Moberly  (o.R.),  by  some very  fine  play,  brought  the  ball  near  the School goal, but it was  soon forced back  again by  the  School  forwards towards  the  island goal,  when  Yecqueray  (o.R.)  ran  in.  The punt  out,  which  resulted,  was  again a  failure.   After the School had again touched  the ball down  twice,  Badger  (o.R.)  made  a  splendid run in,  passing  a great  number  of  the Sixth.   The punt-out was caught by one  of  the  Sixth,  but  the  Sixth  had soon  to  touch it  down.   Haynes  (o.R.)  took  it out,  but the  Sixth were  soon driven back  again,  until after a  splendid  drop into  the  “  three  trees ”   by A.  A.  Bourne  (o.R.),  one of  the  School ran  in ;  but  the  try  was  unsuccess­ ful.   “  No  Side ”  was  then  called.    The  match was  resumed  on  Monday  with little  better success to the  Sixth, although by'the  splendid play of  the  Sixth  half-backs,  G'.  R.  Westfeldt and  W .  0 .  Moberly, the ball was  several times  brought  into  close  proximity  with  the  School   goal.    On  this  day  the  School got three tries, a punt-out,  and  seven  touches  down ;  but still no goal was kicked,  so  that  the  match  was  again  resumed  on  Tuesday,  when  the   School  obtained  two  tries  and  a  punt-out.   But  as,  when  “ No  Side”  was  called  at the  end  o f  the  third  day’s  play,  no  goal  had  been kicked,  the  match  ended  in a  draw,  although of  course  considerably  in favour  o f the  School.   For  the  Sixth  we  noticed   as  especially   con­ spicuous Westfeldt and Moberly (half-back),  and Haslam,  Haynes, and  Bourne  (back)  ;  while  for-  the  School  Badger  and  Warner  (half-back)  and  Henderson  (back)  did  es­ pecially good service. BIG-SIDE.               t Barby v.  H illmorton .— This  match  was  commenced  on  the  Saturday  following the  Sixth Match, when  Barby  had considerably  the best of it.   A  goal was kicked  for Barby  off a run  in by  Southwell,  but  a subsequent  try  off" a run in by  Cropper proved a failure.  The match was  resumed  on  Tuesday, when  the tables were turned in favour  o f Hillmor-  ton,  who  penned  their  adversaries  all  the  time,  although  they  only  obtained  ope try,  which  was  unsuccessful.   The  match  had,  therefore,  to   be   continued   on   the   next  Tuesday  (Saturday  being  too  wet), when  Hillmorton again  had the best of it.   A  run in  by Unna resulted  in  an  unsuccessful  try  for Barby,  after  which  Hillmorton  penned  their  adversaries  nearly  the   whole   time,  obtaining   several   touch   downs,   but   no  material advantage.   The match will, there­ fore, have to be continued on  Saturday. Arnold ’s v.  Town . On Thursday,  October 18th,  this,  the first  House Match of the season was begun.   The  Town won the  toss  and  elected  to kick off,  Arnold’s   taking   the   island   goal.     For  Arnold’s Bigg  mi.  (back), played for North-  cote, and  Jeffery ma.  (back),  for Thompson.  After  a  few uneventful scrummages,  Lefroy  secured  the  ball  and  made  a  fine run  in,  touching  the  ball  down between the posts:  the resulting  try  was however unsuccessful.  The  rest of  the day  was a series of  uninter­ rupted successes to the Arnoldites, the Town  never  getting  lear  their  adversaries’  goal,  and  when  “ no  side”   was  called  Arnold’s  had  gained  one  try,  a punt  out,  and three  touches down.   The Town failed  to score. Second   D ay.— In  addition  to.  the  sub­ stitutes of Thursday, Brownfield, ma. (back),  played  for  Worthington, and his long drops  and  punts  were  of  great  service.    After  about  ten  minutes’ play Jeffery made a fine  run in, and a good goal was kicked by Lefroy.  The game from this point was a very hollow  affair,  and  the  heavier twenty of the Town  could  make  no  stand  against  the superior  individual  play  of  the  Amoldites.    At the  close  of  the  day  the  game  stood thus:—   Arnold’s  had  scored  one  goal,  four  tries,  (two from runs in  by Maddison and Lefroy,  and  two  being  carried in by the forwards,)  two  punts  out  and  several  touches  down.  The Town again failed to score. Bowden   Smith ’s v.  Moberly ’s. The match between these two Houses was  played on Saturday morning, with rain falling  nearly the whole  time.    Any  running with  the ball  was almost impossible,  owing to  the  slipperiness of  the  ground.   Moberly’s won  the toss, and chose the Island Goal.   Almost  directly after the  kick-off  Bowden  Smith’s  brought the  ball close up to the  Island goal,  where it remained  the  greater  part  of  the  match, only  once  passing  the  three  trees.  Moberly’s   were  out-weighed   throughout,  but  played  a  plucky  up-hill  game.    The  match resulted in an easy, though  not  very  decisive victory to  Bowden  Smith’s,  as  no  goals were kicked, owing  to the  badness  of  the weather.    They  obtained one try, three  punts-out,   and   several   touches-down  to  Moberly’s nothing.    Still  (Elsee’s)  played 90 THE METEOE substitute for  Romilly,  and  rendered  very  efficient service ;  while  for Bowden  Smith’s  Harris,  mi.,  was  especially  conspicuous  in  running with the  hall. Bowden   Smith ’s v.  W ilson ’s  Below   Caps . This match was begun  on  Tuesday,  Oct.  11th, when  Bowden  Smith’s  kicked a goal.  But on the following Saturday a motion was  passed in the Football  Committee, that “ ties  be  drawn for Below  Caps,  and that  all  for­ mer matches  be  void.”     Strangely  enough  Bowden  Smith’s  were drawn  against  W il­ son’s, and the match  was  begun  on  Satur­ day  morning,  Oct.  15th,  when Wilson’s got  two  tries  to  Bowden  Smith’s  one  touch­ down,  and  resumed  on Tuesday,  Oct.  25th ;  in the first five  minutes  Wilson’s  kicked  a  goal, but for  the  rest  of  the  time  Bowden  Smith’s got rather the best o f it,  getting two  tries  at   goal,  and  one  out  of the Close to  Wilson’s one touch in goal.