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A N S W E R S   TO  C O R RE SPO N D E N TS. “  A .  M .”     W e  hardly  think  your  proposals  would find  support. * * *     W e  consider   that   we have  done   our  duty in permitting the  “  hat”   question  to  be  sifted,   and must  now  decline  to  pub­ lish   any   more   communications   on   that  subject. “  Duo.”      Y our   proposal  should  have  been  made  a month  ago. ##*    The  signature  “  0 .  R .”   is becoming  so  common  in   our   correspondence  that   we  are  obliged to beg  our  friends  to ventilate  their opinions under other  norns-de-plume.