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BIG-SIDE   RUNS. The   T hurlaston .— This  run  came off on  Thursday, December 5th.   The  ground was  not in a very favourable condition for mnning,  but  very  slippery owing  to  the  thaw  after  the recent  frost,  but in  spite  of this  seven  out  of eight  came  in.   The Hares Bucknill  (Town)  and Graham (Blake’s) were slightly  beaten by the leading Hounds, who  came  in  in the following  order.   1st, Eddis  (Hutch­ inson’s),  49min.  20sec.;  2nd, Lane  (Town),  50min.;  3rd,  Townsend  (Arnold’s),  50min.  lOseo.;  4th,'  Whitjng  (Bowden  Smith’s),  52min.;  5th,  Shirley (School House), 53min.  35sec.;  6th,  Gordon  (Burrows’s),  54  min.  Milner  (Arnold’s)  was  unfortunately unable  to start until a few  minutes after  the  other  Hounds,  but came  in  easily,  accomplishing  the run a little over 50min. The   Crick .— After two  adjournments, the  Crick at length  came  off on  Saturday, Dec­ ember 14th.   It is perhaps worth mentioning  as a curious fact, that it  is  exactly 10 years  since the Crick has been run  on a Saturday,  or indeed upon any other day than Thursday.  Most  unfortunately  illness  and  the  House  Match in the  morning prevented five fellows  from  going who  had intended  to run.   But  in spite of the small start, and the dire prog­ nostications  of  some  despairing  prophets THE METEOR. 5 that the run  would not  he  accomplished  in  less than ten  minutes longer  than last time,  the  pace  was  fair  being  only  one  minute  slower than last  year’s.   Some  of  the fields  were very heavy, especially those  which had  been recently ploughed.   The Hares, Milner  and Whiting, left  the  School Gates at  2.33,  and the Hounds who were six in number, ten  minutes after them.   For  the  first  mile the  latter  all  kept  well together, but after this,  Eddis and Townsend took the lead  and soon  lost sight of the  rest  with the  exception  of  Lane, who ran about 200 yards  behind them  until  they  reached  Crick.   Going  up  the  hill  into  Hillmorton,  the  two  first Hounds  sighted one of the Hares about 300 yards in  front of them,  a distance which  they gradu­ ally lessened, until upon reaching the “ come  in ”  it  was  diminished  to  30  yards,   The  following are the times :— Hares,  G.  H. Mil­ ner  (Arnold’s),   lh.  33min.,  H.  Whiting  (Bowden   Smith’s),   lh.   35min.   55see.  Hounds,   H.   Eddis   (Hutchinson’s),   lh.  26min.;  J.  H.  Townsend  (Arnold’s),  lh.  26 min.   None of the other hounds came in,  in the requisite  time.