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BIGS1DE  RUN. The  first run of  the  season  came off  on  Thursday, October 10th.   In accordance with  an old custom it was the  Lawford  instead of  the Bilton, which  has been  of late  years the  first run of the  year.   The  day was  favour­ able  for running, though  the  ground,. espe­ cially in the fields, was very wet and slippery;  however, the run was  accomplished by all in  very fair time. The hares, who were Townsend and Milner  (Arnold’s), were  slightly  gained  on  by the  leading hounds.   The  latter  came in in  the  following order:— 1  Scott  (Wilson’s ) ...........   38 ms.  58 secs. O’Connell   (Burrows’s)  40 ms. 45 secs.  | Walker  (Arnold’s) ( Eddis (Hutchinson’s) Gordon (Burrows’s)  ...  42 ms.  30 secs.  Shirley  (School House) 43 ms.  0 secs. 41 ms.  0 secs.