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A N S W E R S   TO   C O R RE SPO N D E N TS. “  Macedonicus,”   and  “ E .” — W e  are sorry  we  have  not  room  for  your   letter  in  this  number. “  Ignoramus.” — Y our   letter   will   appear  in  the  first  number o f next  Term,  when   we  think  it  will produce more  effect than at  the  end o f  this. “  L.  W .” — W e  will  endeavour  to  insert  your letter before  the  next  Speech-Day. “ A   Blakeite.” — W e   have   not   room  for  more   than    a   note   on   your   subject   this  number. “  A .D .A .M .” — Y our letter  will  appear  in  our  first number next  Term.