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BIG-SIDE  LEVEES. I.  At a Big-Side Levee, called by Mr. F. W.  Haslam, on January 29th, Mr. W. D. Allen in  the chair, Mr. F.  W. Haslam, seoonded by Mr.  Pauncefote,  moved  that  one  compulsory Big-  Side a week  should  be  played* in  Beynolds’  field this term.  Carried  nem. con. II.  At a Big-Side  Levee, called by  Mr. F.  W.  Haslam,  on  February  1st,  Mr.  Ormerod  being in  the  chair, Mr.  Haslam, seconded  by  Mr. Sykes, moved that “ the ball, when thrown  out of touch, be  not in  play, nor touched  by  any player outside touch, until it have touched  the ground.”  Mr. Davenport moved, as amend­ ment,  “ That  the  rule  be  tried  during  this  term.”  The motion, with the amendment, was  carried  nem. con.    j,