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On Thursday the 17th, a novelty was
introduced in tlie shape o f a Bigside Paperchase—
Bucknill and Gwatkin went hares.
After the usual time had been granted, the
hounds, thirteen in number, and headed by
Mr. Philpotts, started from the “ Quad ”
gates. The jumps were numerous and quite
practicable, till Rain’s-brook was crossed
for the second time, when all suffered a
drenching. The hares then made for Dunchurch,
but turning sharp to the right crossed
the London Road below Bilton Grange, then
through some fields to the Dunchurch Road,
up to Overslade, and home by the foot-path.
Owing to the numerous complaints o f
farmers in the neighbourhood, Paper-chases
are virtually stopped; as they are in future
to go only through gates, and that only
through a fixed part of the country.